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Completed in 1898, Alexandre Nevsky Cathedral is one of Russia's most famous landmarks and one of Russia's most popular tourist attractions. Novosibirsk has long been a popular destination for adventurers traveling to the heart of Russia. The spectacular fortress, which is somehow larger than the Kremlin in Moscow, is delightful to explore, with the stunning Assumption Cathedral a highlight. The Volga and Oka rivers flow through it, and Nizhny Novgorod is famous for the spectacular mountain Kremlin, which rises above the place where the two tributaries meet.

The cathedral is the historic stone building of the city and has been renovated and reopened in recent years after being visited by President Vladimir Putin and his wife and children. The modest cathedral, which belongs to the Russian Orthodox Church, is one of the most prominent and important cathedrals in Russia, compared to some of its more famous counterparts in Moscow and Moscow.

It is the capital of the Siberian cultural landscape, which has played an important role in strengthening the city's reputation as one of Russia's most important cultural centers. The largest such theater in Russia, this mega attraction is known as the Siberian Colosseum or Bolshoi Siberia. It is also the largest theatre in the entire Russian Federation and thus an iconic attraction, which is often associated with the cities of Novosibirsk.

Novosibirsk, which was founded on the bridge of the Trans-Siberian Railway across the great Siberian river Ob was first called Novonikolayevsk and is considered the capital of Asian Russia. The cultural centre of Siberia consists of a number of attractions, the first of which is the National Museum of the Russian Orthodox Church and the Novo - Russian Academy of Sciences. It is located at the intersection of two of Russia's most important cultural centres: the Siberian Coliseum and the Bolshoi Siberia. The first was the birthplace of Tsar Nicholas II, who reigned from 1855 to 1881 during the reign of his grandson, Tsars Alexander II and Nicholas III.

Tourists can learn more about Russia at the USSR Museum, have a fun trip to the zoo, spend a fabulous evening at the opera and ballet theatre or learn more about Russia in art, local history and museums, which are great places to spend the day learning Russian culture. Our guide to the USSR will tell you all about the history of Novosibirsk and its history, as well as some of the most important sights.

Several museums in Novosibirsk offer a unique view of the city and its history as well as its cultural heritage. The State Art Museum, the largest museum in Russia and the second largest in the world, the Local History Museum, which houses over 200,000 works of art, is full of religious treasures. It shows the history of the Siberian Railway, including the history of the railway from the beginning of its construction to the present day, from its foundation to the end of the Second World War.

If you want to learn more about the Soviet era, you can visit the USSR Museum and see what it was like then, as well as the Cold War Bunker 42 Museum, which is particularly worth seeing.

When you leave the station, you can reach the Opera and Ballet House, the largest Russian theatre, by walking from the main entrance on the left side of the street in the centre of Novosibirsk. You can also pass the Russian Orthodox Church and the Orthodox Cathedral, as well as the Cathedral of St. Vladimir the Great, both located just a few blocks apart in a narrow street.

With Russia's wide streets and boulevards lined with colossal fortresses, cathedrals and churches, visitors to Russia will find a wealth of incredible historical and cultural sites to explore. Russian culture and offer a great insight into it and provide an unpretentious atmosphere with historical sculptures on every corner. In the tranquil city of Novosibirsk there is a wide range of restaurants, shops, cafes, bars, restaurants and hotels.

It is hard to choose a city in Russia other than Novosibirsk with its huge selection of museums, galleries, restaurants, shops, cafes and hotels. There are monuments that are nothing different from anything else, and there is a wide selection of food and drinks, as well as a variety of shops and restaurants.

The first stop on your tour should be Novosibirsk's main square, which is occupied by a giant statue of a former leader that towers over the surrounding area. It contains almost a whole series of modern sculptures, each of which stands with fluttering coats and hands in the air.

Lenin Square is located in the city centre and offers a range of sights and activities, including the Lenin Monument, which has been preserved since the Soviet era.

If you are travelling through Russia or by Trans-Siberian Railway, you should have a large historical city on your agenda. Moscow is the most important stop on the transiberian route for many, while Yekaterinburg and Novosiberia are only a few hours "drive from the city centre. Another big city that many Russian visitors explore is Barnaul, where the Altai Fine Art Museum has always been highly praised.

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More About Novosibirsk