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It was revealed last week that Novosibirsk, Russia's third largest city, is on the verge of getting Siberia's first Marriott Executive Apartments. The property is part of a multifunctional shopping and hotel complex that combines three hotels. IBIs are located in the city's central business district, just a few blocks from the main shopping district.

Two of the 360-room hotels will open in 2016, and a project in the city is expected in 2018, according to the Novosibirsk Economic Development Corporation (NEDC). A new hotel is also due to have its own hotel complex in 2019, the first of its kind in Russia.

Alexander Boiko, the Novosibirsk Marriott Hotel until two years ago, will also develop 110 service apartments. The first hotel in Novosibirsk, Siberia, is being built on the site of the former Soviet Union's first nuclear power plant, the Krasnoyarsk Nuclear Power Plant, near the city centre. Novosibirsk, which currently has a double room Hilton, also has a regional hotel chain headed by Andrei Yakunin.

The sale brings the group's hotel portfolio in the city to five hotels, and it has already been operating two other hotels, the Novosibirsk Marriott Hotel and the Krasnoyarsk Hotel, for several years. The company's hotel platform comprises five hotels, including two serviced residences and one servicing residence, located on the site of the first nuclear power plant in the former Soviet Union, located just outside the city centre in a former industrial area.

The top luxury hotel, the Ooty, is the second largest hotel in the city after the Novosibirsk Marriott Hotel and the third largest in Russia, behind the Krasnoyarsk Hotel.

We already have the Ibis Hotel, which has been converted from the Soviet-era Sibir Hotel and is operated by Accor, the leading medium-sized hotel chain. This citrus hotel was designed to provide the perfect magical experience in Lonavala and Mahabaleshwar. You might choose this hotel after a busy trip, but there are those who want to be close to the airport and closer to nature.

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The hotel was built by the Sibirskiye Oteli Development Company and is, according to the information, the first of its kind in Russia and the second largest hotel in the country. IHG has also signed a lease agreement for a second hotel, a 64-room hotel, which is scheduled to open in the first quarter of 2014. The company's press release says that the operator also plans to open 10 to 20 more hotels in the country, as well as two more in Europe and one in Asia.

Almost half of the high-quality rooms, which are expected to reach 25,000 rooms, will be in Moscow. The rest of the country, with the exception of Moscow and St. Petersburg, is expected to get about 1,500 rooms. Another 1,100 rooms are expected in smaller regional markets, with Krasnodar leading the three hotels by a wide margin with a total of 684 rooms.

The city has one of Russia's most diversified economies, with a growing banking and financial sector. The hotel is surrounded by the city of Krasnodar, the second largest city in the Russian Federation after Moscow. JLL predicts economic and political concerns for Russia due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and the upcoming election of President Vladimir Putin.

What Lenin would have made of his brooding statue, which still towers over the heart of Novosibirsk, is anyone's guess. It is unlikely that the acorhotel, which consists of the well-known trademark of a word referring to the economy, has any special meaning in Russian.

The plaintiff has several international trademark applications from ACCOR, several of which are registered in the Russian Federation, for goods and services related to the hotel. The jury considers that the ACCOR brand has a good reputation and, although it is owned by the complainant, can be well connected with the product and service, as it is known for its hotel. Another book is a chain of luxury boutique hotels in India, and the elegant Marriott is seen as a small - in itself - "hotel of revolution."

In 2010, the hotel won the first Golden Brick award and the Commercial Property Award for the best opening of the year. The Mercure Arbat Moscow Hotel has awarded the second Golden Brick Prize to ACCOR and was named the winner of the "Best Opening" of the year in 2010 and the third in a series of awards for the best construction project.

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